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2 Traditional Ways of Advertising that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Blank Billboard for AdvertisementMarketing and advertising experts tout the effectiveness of technology in promoting products and services in today’s marketplace. As a growing number of businesses are moving their business partially or completely to the web, there is some truth to what the experts believe.

Most seasoned advertising experts, however, believe there is no point in completely letting go of traditional marketing ideas. Instead of using just one (online or offline), businesses should use both to complement each other. The more varied your promotional activities are, the more people you reach, the higher the possibility of selling your offerings.

Using Promotional Products

Go online, promotional products in Perth are easy to find. There may be some people who would have you believe such things don’t work anymore, but the truth is they still do – as long as you use items that are unique and/or useful. Products like pens, coffee mugs and umbrellas are very useful, and if that’s all you’re shooting for, they’re fine choices. But if you want to surprise people and make them remember you each time they see your product, give them something more unique. From Frisbees to thumb drives, self-stirring mugs to backpacks, promotional giveaways are now available in a wider array of choices.

Using Billboards and Posters

Traditional advertising is not complete without billboards, posters and other print materials. The secret to success for these ads lies in their capacity to capture attention and relay a message in seconds. Billboards are huge because they should be recognisable or readable from a great distance. Another secret is traffic. Make attractive billboards and posters, but make sure people are there to see them. Without traffic, an ad is like the tree that falls in the middle of the forest: nobody’s there to hear it.

Although your presence online is crucial for capturing a larger audience, don’t set aside traditional marketing and advertising in its favour. Use them together and achieve more.