business man slippedOver the age of 65, one out of every three persons will experience a fall. This constitutes millions of elderly persons in the United States. For this reason, it is a good idea to install home safety products for seniors in your family, as these will help to prevent slip and fall accidents.

That said, here are some common myths about slip and fall incidents and their respective realities.

Myth 1: Bathroom mats will prevent slips and falls from occurring

This is false. On the contrary, bathroom mats that are wet and those without adequate grip can add to slips and falls incidents.

Myth 2: A walker or cane will make the elderly more dependent on its use

This is partially true. However, a healthcare provider should diagnose and address the reason behind the difficulty in movement before the situation results in a loss of mobility. Physical therapy can lessen dependence on walkers or canes by improving strength in the muscles. In addition, occupational therapy can help a person be more mobile in performing activities of daily living such as in using grab bars before and after taking a bath.

Myth 3: Muscle strength needed for balance cannot be restored.

This is false. Muscles become smaller due to non-usage and aging. Some forms of exercise designed for the elderly can strengthen the muscles needed for balance and control.

Myth 4: Falling cannot be avoided

This is false. Using grab bars, elevated bathroom fixtures, and other safety products, incidents of falling may be significantly reduced. Combine this with exercise and other preventive activities and falling may be avoided entirely.

Often, persons become complacent. Complacency may lead to regrettable incidents such as accidents. With vigilance and adequate preparation, unfortunate occurrences such as slips and falls may be avoided.