Apartment RentalWould you like to rent a new apartment? Most people tend to relocate during spring and summer. Finding a safe and comfortable place is all you want. You might be trying to look for a real estate agent in Hawera to sort this out for you.
However, most tenants experience problems immediately after moving in. Below are common mistakes you need to avoid when renting an apartment.

Signing the contract before seeing the property

Sometimes you might get so busy that you have no time to visit the place you want to rent. While there are many online tools companies use with amazing photos of their apartments, you need to see the site in person. Confirm everything is okay or if you would be comfortable staying in it as it is.

Checking the place helps you to avoid unpleasant surprises in case the area turns out to have damages. Take time to walk around the neighbourhood to see if you love the surrounding environment. You could even talk to some residents in the area and see what they have to say about it.

Failing to document damages before moving in

Before moving into a new apartment, don’t be in a hurry to settle down. Confirm if everything is working well. In case of any damage, document it with a time-stamped photo and let your landlord sign off on it.

Most tenants might be aware of the damage but won’t record it. Documenting it saves you from being held responsible for it at the end of the lease.

Thinking the landlord will fix everything

Sometimes landlords can fix issues, such as fridge repairs, bathroom window or kitchen shelves, or light bulbs, immediately. You could fix these problems yourself without having to wait for the landlord.

Don’t be too excited to move into a new apartment before having enough information about it. Check everything starting from the condition of the house, neighbourhood down to the nooks and crannies of the property. It will save you a lot of headaches in the future.