3 Bad SEO Techniques to Stop and What to Do Instead

SEO TechniquesSearch engine optimisation is and will always be a big deal in online marketing because of the visibility it offers to business websites. As long as you also build your credibility through content marketing and only follow the right SEO techniques, you’ll be on your way to the top of search results.

To help you achieve your goal, here are some bad SEO techniques you must not use because they will only hurt your SEO value.

Article Directory

There are a lot of article directories where you can send content so you can promote your brand, shares They used to be effective, but ever since Google’s Panda algorithm update, these websites are now considered spam. If you are still sending articles of directory sites, chances are you’re only hurting your brand. Instead, focus on creating content for your website and guest posting on credible blogs.

Forum Marketing

Forums and message boards are homes for Internet users to discuss things they are interested in. That’s why some businesses took advantage of this opportunity by answering the queries posted on these forums while mentioning their brand. However, this is ineffective and unnecessary. Putting up a simple FAQ page on your website is better than this time-consuming and ineffective strategy.

Social Media Overload

Using every single social media platform may seem advantageous, but it’s actually counterproductive. The reason there are plenty of social media sites is they cater to different audiences. You should work with your trusted SEO agency in Singapore to determine which social media platforms your target audiences are using the most. This way, you can have more focus on promoting your business on the right social media platforms.

Get rid of these bad techniques and replace them with the right ones instead. This way, you can further improve your sites credibility and SEO value so you can reach more people and turn them into customers.