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    a mother working while carrying her sonBeing a mom is difficult enough, so being a working mom is indeed nerve-wracking. With bosses to please and children’s tantrums to ease, it often feels like being pulled from all directions, with little to no time to take hold of situations. But then, there are moms who are able to do it — and do it with so much grace and poise. Here are the things these versatile moms do differently:

    They get organized.

    Moms who are able to balance work and home life are good planners. They have the habit of anticipating what’s happening the next day, the next week, and even the next month. You have to be organized to pull off this balancing act.

    Use a family organizer app, for instance, to keep track of family events, birthdays, and children’s extracurricular activities. This can also help you draft shopping lists, which will make your trip to the supermarket more efficient. As the app allows you to input family medical information, regardless of whose going with the kids for a check-up — you or your husband, you’ll be able to provide their doctor with the right details.

    Embrace the habit of updating your family organizer. Set aside time every week planning and re-checking your schedules.

    They partner with their spouses.

    When you’re a working mom, it feels like you have to maximize every minute you spend at home, from doing the chores to bonding with your kids. But here’s the thing, if you do everything by yourself, you’ll eventually get exhausted to the point that you’ll only be half-awake, half-present when you’re spending quality time with children and accomplishing that marketing report.

    Versatile moms work smarter, not harder. They know that working smarter means getting all the help they can. Make arrangements with your spouse on how you can split up home duties, like taking the kids to school, washing the dishes, paying the bills, etc. With this, you’d be able to keep track of your involvement at home. At the same time, you can lay down expectations between you and your spouse.

    They talk to their employers.

    Versatile moms understand that open, honest communication with their employers is crucial. In fact, even before saying yes to a job, they already informed the HR about their motherhood priorities. Others negotiate for flexible time schedules.

    Depending on your company guidelines, explore your options for work schedules, vacation leaves, and output expectations, so you can arrange and propose a work plan that benefits both you and your employer.

    Juggling motherhood and work is a tough task. But take it from the moms who successfully did it. Do these strategies yourself.