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3 Things People do all Wrong When Using Email Marketing Strategy

Computer monitor screen showing email spam folderThese mistakes will not only cost you time and money, but they will also make you lose existing clients and miss out on new ones. Email marketing, when done right, generates the highest ROI according to marketing research.

The same research found that email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent. Many business people miss out on this opportunity because of some simple mistakes they can avoid.

This list will educate you on what to avoid doing with email marketing.

1. Emails that are too hard to read

Your main agenda when using email marketing should be to communicate as concisely and clearly as possible. So, when you send an email full of jargons and slang, you waste your time because the recipient won’t read your email. Aside jargons, other errors to avoid include:

  • Font that is too small
  • Using too many flashy colors on your email (go for subtle ones that are more sophisticated and if you must use bright colors, select two and use them throughout the email.
  • If you’re using a colored background, ensure there is enough contrast between the written word and background to enhance readability.

2. Making Unsubscribing process difficult

Regardless of how amazing your emails are, some people may want to unsubscribe. And the reasons are many ranging from people moving to different industries to others relocating to different areas while for others, the emails they are receiving are just too many. Whatever the reasons, don’t frustrate your customers by not giving them an option to unsubscribe.

Also, don’t make the option too hard to find. Some clients will unsubscribe temporarily and subscribe back when they know the process of doing either is simple.

3. Lack of consistency

Don’t make the mistake of sending emails to your clients only when you want them to buy something. Be the person who educates and entertains your customers besides selling them your product or services. To make it easy to send your list emails consistently, talk to email marketing support experts like who will consistently send your customers emails as well as respond to any inquiries on your behalf.

It’s these seemingly obvious mistakes that make many email marketing campaigns yields no results. When you correctly implement email marketing, and when you avoid these errors mentioned above, you stand to gain a lot from email marketing.