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3 Tips for Economical Living for Students in London

A student smilingNothing can be more exciting for a student than being able to study abroad. London makes an especially appealing prospect with its cosmopolitan charm coupled with modern urban sensibilities. However, it can also be quite a drain on the coffers if you are not too careful about where you spend your money. Here are three tips that you should follow to ensure that you are left with enough money to enjoy your stay.

Save on lodgings.

University dormitories might be a comfortable and classy way to go, but they are also costly depending on the university you are enrolled in. Getting into one of many quality hostels in London City Centre is a far more affordable option with no for comfort. Additionally, its specific location is also advantageous in that it allows easy access to all critical services like banks, pharmacies, malls, eateries, and many others.

Test out transport.

It is always so tempting to take a cab everywhere, right? You avoid the hassle of the bustling street and the occasionally tough London weather. However, this is the easiest way to lose money. There are many options available to you that are more affordable. The London Underground is one of the more affordable options. Getting a bicycle is another even healthier option that can save you so much more.

Get work.

Finally, it pays—literally—to get a part-time job while staying in London. There are many, many options that you can go for that are easy to get into. You can work at any number of pubs and restaurants waiting tables. You can also work part-time at a bookstore or a library. The point is that there is so much you can get into that can complement everything from your rent money and even cash to enjoy a night out with your friends.

You can definitely enjoy living as a student in London without having to empty your wallet. Just be sure to be smart about how and where you spend your money so that you will get to experience everything the city has to offer in both practical and incredible ways.