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    CFO Letter On Black BlocksAdvertising for a chief financial officer (CFO) in the papers or job boards cannot guarantee you the top candidates. After all, highly engaged top talents are — more often than not — happy where they are and not actively looking.

    So how do you find the top qualified candidates for chief positions? This is where financial specialist recruitment agencies come in. Apart from having the knowledge and skills to tap into the qualified contenders for chief positions, they also have the right network of talents. Instead of casting a wide net and hoping for a catch, recruitment agencies go where the top fishes are.

    If it’s your first time to hire a CFO for your business, here are the top skills to look for:

    1. Leadership Skills

    CFO is a C-level position, and because whoever holds this position will become the CEO’s right hand, he or she needs to have strong leadership skills. Apart from the ability to manage teams and inspire people, he or she must know how to gain the trust of his or her colleagues inside and outside of the company. Having strong leadership skills also enables C-suite executives to speak up when needed.

    2. Strong Accounting Skills

    As the name suggests, CFOs will be on top of the company’s financial activities. Not having strong accounting skills will affect the enterprise. While it is not necessary for CFOs to be certified public accountants, being a CPA is a huge edge for top candidates. Experiences in financial planning, investment banking and other financial activities are a must. Other advantages include having a master’s degree in business, finance or accounting.

    3. Networking Skills

    C-suite executives are expected to have a wide network, which could help them in their post. A good network is not just about who you know, but how well you communicate with who you know. A CFO with good communication skills can build a wider, stronger network wherein he or she can get viable financial experience and commercial insight.

    Fast-growing businesses need a CFO to help address the issues involved with growth — infrastructure, investments, staffing and more. If you’re currently looking for one, consider these top skills and communicate them with your recruitment agency to help find the right candidates.