On The Money

3 Types of Trash You Can Turn into Cash

metal and car scrap for recyclingWe, citizens of modern civilisation, have become accustomed to throwing into the garbage can anything we deem useless and worthless. Without thinking twice, we let waste skip hires take care of our excesses.

But if you stop for a minute before disposing of something, perhaps you can realise that it too can still be worth something. Take for instance these three types of trash, which you can definitely turn into cash.


If your household consumes a lot of soda in cans, you have a source of income sitting in your fridge, which you might not even realise. According to Waste Management, the aluminium recycling industry is worth $1 billion per annum. If you want a piece of this humongous pie, start at your own home.

Once you feel more confident in your recycling know-how and wish to branch out, you may partner with local facilities such as cafes, restaurants, and stadiums, which are places with large supplies of can refuse.


From cardboards to magazines, newspapers to receipts, paper refuse just sitting in your shelves or storage (or your neighbour’s shelves or storage) is potential cash cows. All you have to do is contact nearby recycling centres and declare your interest in working with them.

Recycling paper can earn you between $50 and $75 a ton.


Our gadget-dependent lifestyles mean we accumulate more and more e-waste as the years go by – 3 million tons per year. Thankfully, you need not always dump these e-wastes into landfills.

Aside from selling them to recycling centres, other ways to lengthen the lifespan of old phones and gadgets include donating them to Cell Phones for Soldiers or selling them in used-phone trading sites like Flipswap.

There’s an adage saying, “one man’s waste is another man’s treasure.” Maybe the more accurate way of putting it is this: “one man’s waste is another man’s recycling business.”