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4 Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Skills and Get a Qualification to Work as a Teacher

Teaching ExperienceWhen a person applies for a teaching position, he/she will usually be asked if he/she has any experience teaching. If you don’t have any training, then it’s time to get one on your own. Or, at least, prepare and get all the experience that you can get.

Take Online Courses

Teachers have to keep updated with current instruction theory, as well as their core knowledge. Traditional classroom instruction and seminars have been supplanted by online courses that benefit many teachers. There are online courses that are not really for teachers, however. If these teach new knowledge or update skills for speakers and instructors, while at the same time give accreditation, then you should take them.

Get Assessed and Rated

Teachers, like any other professional endeavour, also need to be tested for what they learn. You should look towards any training program or accreditation course where there is a certificate, such as tae40110 Cert IV training and assessment, or an acknowledgement that you passed a test. This goes to your record and is a good way to keep up your resume updated. Training and assessment are part of the job, and you would have the chance to both be the trainee and the trainer.

On the Job Training

If you still do not have a job as a teacher, there are several ways to get practical experience. One of these is to undergo on-the-job training. You would be practically an intern, teaching while being trained to teach. It would be a classroom situation where you would observe the instructor and then given the chance to teach new materials. This is usually part of the college course or part of the curriculum, and trainees are usually given low-level classes to have a feel of the classroom situation.


If you really need firsthand, real-world experience as a teacher, then find a way to teach. Volunteer groups usually have openings for people who are willing to teach a class. It may not be your core competency or your favourite subject, but it will give you the chance to work on your teaching technique.

Follow the tips above so you can boost your knowledge and skills and so you will get the job that you really want.