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4 Essentials of Brand-Building for More Effective Promotion

Marketing professionals workingA strong brand is one of the essentials in building a legacy. Without branding, getting recognized is harder to achieve even with a great product offering. What are the steps in creating a successful brand?

Write your company statement

What’s your company about and what do you offer your clients? The answer to this should be reflected in your statement. Keep it simple, straight-forward, and truthful. Make sure that your products and services can support your company statement.

Create a logo and a tagline

You need to fall in love with your logo and tagline. These are going to be all over your promotional materials after all. The Forbes Agency Council says that an ideal logo is clean, easy to read, and fits your brand name. As for the tagline, go for short and sweet.

Produce company merchandise and giveaways

Make your employees your brand ambassadors and let them carry your brand in and outside the workplace. Some good examples include a T-shirt, tumbler, towel, or umbrella. Make sure you have enough in stock to give away to clients and prospects during meetings or office visits.

Hire professionals in Utah to produce vehicle graphics, too. This way, whenever you or your employees drive, you’ll be exposing your brand to the public. Who knows, your target market may need something right now and they remembered it after seeing your vehicle.

Make a Brand Bible

All your marketing materials and collateral should be consistent and cohesive. Your company brochure must be aligned with your letterhead, business cards, and even e-mail newsletters. Have a Brand Bible with templates, standard font types, and colors. It should be useful for everyone — from the person who posts on social media to the salesperson doing pitches.

A positive brand perception stems from having a solid brand identity. The best way to do this is with strategic planning and involving the different teams in your company. Have an in-depth brainstorming; don’t rush it since this will be an important success indicator for your brand.