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4 Ways to Use Storytelling for Branding

Storytelling on a notebook for the brandUsing a narrative for branding is an old advertising concept, but with content marketing and social media, there are now more chances for companies to use storytelling in their campaigns. However, with these many platforms, it’s also now more difficult to engage and pique the interest of audiences.

Many trusted PR agencies in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria list the following ways you can use stories to connect, intrigue and engage your intended target market.

Be Honest

Transparency and truthfulness are two important aspects of telling your brand story. You’re creating a narrative but you can’t completely fictionalise it. Ground it in the reality of your company, niche, and the products or services you offer. Experts agree that when you use this strategy for your branding campaigns you need to be persistent, consistent, and show restraint. Stay on message and true to your brand’s values, even if you are creating a story.

Weave a Personality in the Story

The narratives you create aren’t advertising materials nor are they sales pitches. The story must be told using the perspective and personality of the personae you created. The personae must reflect the values of your company and the audience you want to get.

Characters to Root For

Like the best movies, there are characters that take audiences for a ride and make viewers root for them, feel their loss, and grieve when a character dies. These are the emotions you want to elicit from your target market. Create brand personae or use your own employees or testimonies from customers. Their stories connect with people on a personal and emotional level, making the narratives unforgettable.

Pique the Interest

Sustain the interest in the story by not divulging the ending right away. Make one part of the narrative as a piece for another and tease audiences to pique their interest. This creates a story arc much like in movies and popular television shows. This also provides you with several opportunities to use different platforms for the campaign.

These are some of the ways you can use stories in your marketing and branding campaigns. When you weave a narrative into your brand, you connect with the audience and engage them for a longer time.