5 Savvy Ways to Decorate Your Dinner Party Food Displays

Family dinner settingGetting ready for deluxe dinner parties can be such an ordeal. Getting the food ready to serve in a way that keeps it fresh and preparing the beverage dispenser in your Australia home is another story.

But what do you do to host such an event?

Create a plan

Take your time to plan the food stations and have everything set up before your guests arrive. That way, you would have organised everything the moment people rush in, and they can take their time choosing their food and moving it through.

Don’t be afraid to shift the furniture before the event

Expect that things are bound to change when you’re hosting a dinner party. If you’ve gone out of your way to roll out the red carpet for your friends, this may mean rearranging the furniture before the event starts. Create separate food stations when you’re rearranging so guests won’t gather in one spot.

Be bold enough to mix and match styles and colours

Never be afraid to mix and match different styles and colours. You won’t have every object look the same, or else you would have to buy a few more separate pieces to make it work. Keep in mind that mixing styles can make your life much easier.

Scout for all the things that you already have and see if it will match your motif.

Learn how to play with light

In a world of social media, everybody wants to take pictures of everything that’s happening in their lives. Working on your light can make or break those perfect Instagram shots. You may try working on candles to give it a dramatic appeal.

Make sure that your table has some height and texture in it. Adding a cake stand that’s slightly above the dinner table can do wonders for its aesthetics. You may also use some slate boards or vintage bowls to add a pop of colour to your food display.