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5 Smart Approaches for a Successful Job Interview

Recruitment Agencies in AucklandGetting ready for that all-important interview can be nerve-wracking especially for new job seekers. They will always feel intimidated by the throngs of other applicants who may have more experience than they do. While you may already have work experience, the mere idea of competing with others for a single position can be both frustrating and stressful.

Here’s how you can hurdle that job interview and stay ahead of the pack:

Be Well Prepared

Before going to the interview, it is best to beef up your knowledge of the most often asked questions by job interviewers. As Quinn Recruitment says, HR personnel of prestigious companies and even recruitment agencies in Auckland have a set of guide questions to ask any potential employee. Even managers who are asked to interview shortlisted applicants would want to know the same thing. Knowing what these questions are and preparing your answers can help you ease off that knot in your stomach.


Knowing the common job interview questions is one thing. Knowing the appropriate answers is an entirely different matter. Job interviewers might phrase the question differently from what you have read. Nonetheless, the essence is practically the same. It is often better to write down your answers. Furthermore, do not limit your answers to just one. Write down three potential answers to a particular question.


Ask a friend to act as the job interviewer. If you are shy, stand in front of the mirror and practise your answers to the questions that your job interviewer will most likely ask. Observe your gestures, as well as facial expressions. Make the appropriate adjustments.

Project Confidence

All that preparation boils down to how well you answer the job interviewer’s questions. The key is to highlight what you can do based on your experience. Answer questions with a story that is strongly anchored on verifiable facts.

Don’t Forget the Little Stuff

Dress appropriately. If you are applying for an office position, be in an office attire. If you are applying for a plumbing job, don’t go in your coat and tie. Make sure all of your application documents are in order. Go to your interview not less than 30 minutes before your schedule; this should psych you up for the interview.

Getting interviewed for a job is stressful for many. Going fully prepared not only mitigates the effects of anxiety, but also increases your chance of winning the interview.