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6 Lip-Smacking Pizza Facts Any Die-Hard Pizza Fan Must Know

Pizzeria in JanesvilleMerely hearing the word pizza is enough to make almost every American smile — or salivate. Whichever variety or style — from thin-crust topped with a variety of cheeses and veggies and deep-dish pizza topped with a plethora of meats and spices — pizza is one of the most beloved comfort foods worldwide. Here are six pizza facts any die-hard pizza fan should know.

Pizza Fact #1: The word “pizza” actually appeared circa 997 AD in a Latin text found in Gaeta, a southern town in Italy. According to the text, a tenant of a specific property was scheduled to provide twelve pizzas or duodecim pizze every Christmas day, plus 12 more during Easter Sunday. Of course, that pizza wasn’t the pizza you know of today.

Pizza Fact #2: 1870. The year that changed everything. During King Umberto I’s visit to Naples, his wife, Margherita of Savoy — get it. Margherita — was honored with none other than a pizza containing basil, mozzarella, and tomato. You know this pizza today as the Margherita pizza — Italy even adopted their flag from its colors.

Pizza Fact #3: Approximately 1 in 8 Americans binge on pizza any given day. Surveys state that pre-teens eat around twice the national average and those aged over 60 eat around half of the national average.

Pizza Fact #4: The biggest round pizza ever cooked worldwide was 131 feet in diameter; it’s also gluten-free. Dovilio Nardi headed the team of selected chefs who created the pizza in Italy. It weighed 51,257 pounds and was named Ottavia to reference the first emperor of Rome Octavian Augustus.

Pizza Fact #5: The United States government deemed pizza a vegetable in 2011. In the U.S. all school meals that the government subsidized must have a specific amount of veggies. Flashback to 2011, a pizza serving that contained two tablespoons of tomato sauce satisfied the government’s veggie requirements. Sounds absurd, but true. Related fact; During President Reagan’s time ketchup was also considered a veggie.

Pizza Fact #6: Americans love their pepperoni. They consume about 251,770,000 pounds of it every single year. 36% of pizzas in the U.S. contain pepperoni.

Now grab that slice of pizza, order one if you don’t have any on hand, or run to the nearest pizza place near Janesville, MN — you know you want to.