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A Quick Guide to Finding Qualified Food Safety Consultants

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Many food businesses fail not because they did not hire food safety consultants. In fact, it’s the same result if they hired those who aren’t competent enough to advise and create systems that would keep businesses afloat. How can you tell that you have found the right consultant? Check for the following qualities:

Knowledge of Certification Standards

Food safety is a critical issue in every nation. To that effect, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), NZ and AU’s statutory authority that develops food certification standards, requires you to hire a consultant with comprehensive knowledge of and adheres to HACCP certification programs.

Relevant qualifications

Confirm that your food safety consultant is a graduate in environmental health, food microbiology, or food technology. Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd added to make sure that they also have recommended auditing skills to offer consultancy in the particular line of business you specialise.

Knowledgeable of Current Issues

Changes in requirements for food quality, legal compliance, and other matters concerning food safety happen so regularly that a business can be out-dated in a matter of weeks. Therefore, make sure that your consultant is well versed with current issues in the industry.

Extensive Working Experience

Working with a consultant who has an outstanding experience in food safety assures you of the responsible implementation of efficient systems in your business. They will also educate production managers on ways they can optimise the process control.

Testimonials of Work History

Before hiring a food safety specialist, ask them to supply you with references they’ve worked with to determine their performance and proficiency in the line of business in which you specialise.

It takes a lot of time to develop and implement food safety systems and plans. If the food safety consultants you contact tells that they can realise assessment procedures in a couple of weeks, that is a red flag that they’ll either under-deliver or are not experienced enough to know the demands and requirements in food safety consultancy.