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A Quick Guide to Starting a Small Bar in Sydney

Guide to Opening a Small Bar in SydneyWith a lot of bars popping up in Sydney during the past few years, you might think starting your own small bar would just be a walk in the park. But remember, all businesses require long working hours and a solid financial plan at the start. So to help you have an idea on how to start a small bar in the city, below is a quick guide.

  1. Formulate a Business Plan

Just like any other businesses, a small bar requires a business plan. You should include your drinks menu, pricing, staff, payroll, business capital and other expenses in the plan. Furthermore, if you’re taking out financial loans from a bank or short-term lenders like Rapid Loans, put it in the plan to guide you and/or your potential business partner on your next financial decisions.

  1. Invest Time

Like working hard for your most-awaited promotion, establishing a small bar involves a lot of time. It takes time to understand the whole system of this business. So, be prepared that you might have to spend several months or a few years to learn the ropes in this industry.

  1. Look for the Right Location

The location is one of the most important elements of any business. You have to find a site where you’ll have a target market with a buying prowess. You have to choose the right location for your concept as well to maximise your marketing efforts.

  1. Secure a Liquor Licence

Apart from required business licences, you have to secure a liquor licence for your small bar. Go to your local office to know the requirements on getting a liquor licence. Remember, obtaining this licence in Sydney might take a few months or so. Don’t forget to consider this waiting time in your plans.

Once that licence comes through, you’re one step closer to opening your bar. Just put your heart on your small business, and you’ll find each and every way to success.