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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Compelling Store Signs

Store SignageCommunicating with your customers is essential to any successful business. And when it comes to physical stores, whether they’re small mom-and-pop retailers or local outlets of multinational brands, signage plays a crucial role in conveying your message.

This article shows you how you can create the most effective store signs that allow you to send a compelling message to your customers.

1. Get the right tools

Investing in high-quality retail sign making software means you don’t have to be a talented graphic artist to make attractive, professional-looking store signs. The best tools will allow you to choose from several templates and customize them to suit your brand.

2. Connect with your customers

Draw your customers in by speaking in their language. Use “you” and “yours” to help them see themselves using your products and services. Also, always emphasize the benefits they get from doing business with you. Your store signs should reflect those benefits too.

3. Go graphic

Do you know why memes and GIFs get more shares on Facebook and Twitter? Because a picture says a thousand words. If you can’t find the right words for your sign, consider choosing an image from the Internet to drive your point across. It might just work better than a sign that’s pure text.

4. Use color

Your choice of color can affect the way your customers read your signs. For example, ever wonder why most businesses put up a clearance sign in big, bold red letters? The color red induces subconscious thoughts of danger and compels customers to act now and buy something.

5. End with a call-to-action

You can have nice text, a pretty picture, and eye-catching colors, but your store sign is half-baked if it doesn’t tell your customers to do something. Most people don’t want to figure out what to do. They need you to tell them to buy your cookies, sign up for your loyalty club, or whatever it is you’d want them to do.

Every store sign is different, but if you follow these five steps in creating your signage, you can easily take advantage of an often-neglected aspect of that thing we call customer engagement. You never know. A compelling store sign could be all your business needs to make a difference.