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Advancing Ceiling Designs with the Use of Beams

Home with Well-Designed CeilingIf we talk about amazing ceiling design, the best one is arguably Michaelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel. However, not a lot of properties would want such art and details on their ceilings. Today’s home and property owners do not fully aspire the artistry of the great masters, as they prefer a rather sensible and minimalist approach, which is affordable, elegant, and simply lovely.

One of these approaches is the use of ceiling beams. Ceilings have taken a back seat in design because many people assume that not a lot look at the ceiling. This is the home’s “fifth wall,” however, and it can be used as a design element to provide depth and elegance

Ceiling Design

The minimalist approach to ceilings may seem lazy and a cop-out, but it does serve a purpose. With modern shops, such as bookstores, retailers, salons, and coffee shops, a black painted plain industrial ceiling can come cheap. It has also become acceptable to see all the overhead piping and ducts.

However, this increases the establishment’s HVAC operating costs. Ceilings also provide better acoustic control. With wood or baffled surfaces, noise and echo can be reduced in any room. A carefully planned beam pattern can trap sound and provide a muted and more relaxed room.

Beams as Support and Design Elements

Beams can make any room look closer to its design inspiration, which is the wooden support beams found in log cabins and other rustic houses. These can hide the flaws in trims. Hollow ceiling beams can also hide pipes, cables, and wiring. It can be used as mounting points for pendants, decorations, and other lighting accessories. In fact, even televisions.

In the kitchen, beams can be used to anchor hooks and holders for pans, glassware, and other utensils. Metal beams have become popular, as they provide a counterpoint to the rest of the room. They’re usually available in different colours, which help designers and architects.

Beams are multi-purpose objects that offer many advantages. Whether they’re made of metal wood, these create design elements that can complement a room’s design and colour theme.