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Amazing Cookie Thank You Gift Ideas

Corporate GiftThere are many ways to make a client remember your business or an employee appreciate being part of your company. And you should make sure they do, simply because your customers make the business more profitable while your staff makes sure that your company runs smoothly.

With this in mind, why not send them corporate thank you gifts that are edible and have a unique brand identity twist.

Cookie Logo

Imagine your company logo iced on a gourmet cookie or on a fondant lollipop. True, you already have your company logo on the gift box card by why stop there. This way, whenever they eat a cookie, or when they find the heart to share them, will remember you and how happy they are with your service and work ethics.

Favorite Flavors

Personalizing your gifts will be very much appreciated by the receiver. Ask what favorite kinds or flavors they like on cookies, cakes and other pastries before you order them. Make it like a fun survey sheet so no one guesses what you’re up to until the day they receive your gift basket and see their favorite flavors available. Your employees are sure to have a heyday comparing their cookie flavors and tasting others’ pastry gifts from you.

Theme Colors

Just like any company, your business would also have its own theme colors. Have your cookies iced and designed with using your business’ signature color scheme. Not only would this would make your baked goods more visually appealing, it would most likely have an interesting flavor palette since each color normally represents a specific fruit or taste.

These are just a few of the possibilities when creating a cookie and pastry thank you gift pack for your company. You can even choose to mix and match these choices just so you can make those gifts extra special. And if you only chose one option, feel free to choose another for your next corporate gifts like the ones you intend to give this holiday season.