An Authentic Taste of Mexico: The Simple Yet Amazing Quesadilla

chili peppersYou can fold one tortilla in half, fill it with something moist and delicious, and call it a quesadilla. Alternately, you can cook up a luscious dish worthy to be placed in the menu of a Michelin-star restaurant and call it the same. Lovers of Mexican food in Alexandria, VA each have their own idea of what a perfect quesadilla is about. Here’s what El Paso Mexican Restaurant has to say:

What is a quesadilla?

If you don’t have the time yet to explore the wonderful streetscapes of Mexico and experience their amazing food first hand, then you can experience the amazing quesadilla first. Let us explore the many exciting aspects of this stuffed, fun, and tasty snack.

A tortilla is a cooked corn masa. The flat circle of this local fare can be folded while they’re still soft and warm. The typical filling is queso Oaxaca, which is locally sourced. Traditionally, the tortilla cakes used in quesadillas are cooked partly at first, stuffed, and then cooked again.

Cooking doesn’t necessarily involve oil. The cooking stops as soon as the cheese melts completely. Sometimes, the filling used is not cheese, but instead cooked vegetables or meats. Toppings and side dishes served with the folded stuffed tortilla include chopped onion, salsa, tomato, guacamole, or chillies.

The essential ingredients

One of the most popular variations of this Mexican classic is a chicken quesadilla. Beef is a great alternative, too. This tasty snack is great for sharing with friends and loved ones. You can make them yourself without any special cooking method and with ingredients from your pantry.

Some people use two pieces of tortilla and end up with the same as a folded tortilla. The melted cheese filling would bond them together after all. Set aside an hour for preparation and cooking if you want to serve quesadillas to guests.

This popular snack from Mexico should not intimidate you. You can even learn how to make your own instead of using what is available in supermarkets. Are you ready to try your hand at cooking quesadillas? Yes, you are.