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Are More Employers Investing in Police Checks?

A criminal background formMany employers have finally understood the importance of incorporating police checks in the applicant screening process.

Just a year ago, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission processed nearly 4.3 million police checks. This equals to an average of 17,400 NPHC checks every day. Here are the different ways this process can benefit employers:

Encourage Good Employee Conduct

Employers integrate yearly police checks in their workplace policy to guarantee that none of their staff has violated any law. They mostly check violations that can have an impact on the business’s reputation, clients, and other employees. This policy can even encourage their staff to be more conscious of how they act to prevent doing anything that could cost them their job.

Ease the Worries of Customers

Due to difficult times, clients now look for businesses who guarantee the reliability of their staff. Other than healthcare, justice and education sectors, this is particularly true for services rendered inside homes, such as repairs or installations. Consumers want to make sure the workers they are welcoming into their houses are dependable and trustworthy.

Protect Business

The security of the business is an apparent reason police checks are conducted. This allows employers to find out whether their potential employees hold a criminal history that is directly connected to the position they are applying for.

Employers have the responsibility to their clients and their employees. They will be accountable for the misconduct of their new hires. It will also be in their best interest to keep the assets of their business safe.

By conducting a national police check for every applicant, employers will be able to determine the risk of potential employees. This way, they can build a good reputation and assist their employees in maintaining a good record.