Are Writers Born Or Made?

Content WriterAre you a writer?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or not. If you’re able to mix and match words into something that makes great sense, be proud of what you can do.

Now, ask yourself: Were you born with the ability or did you have to learn everything? The answer might amaze you.

Whether you’re a novelist or a writer for companies like PayPerContent, that provides online writing jobs, there’s really no separating you from other writers. You employ wordplay for a living. You tell stories, share meaningful information, or make people ponder on things, events, and places that matter.

But the question about whether your skill is innate or learned remains.

Experts Weigh In

Author Jack Kerouac presents an interesting take in his Reader’s Digest essay. He made a bold claim in the article: writers are made; anybody who’s literate can write, but writing geniuses are born.

He then segues on the difference between “genius” and “talent” with another brilliant analogy. He takes some violin virtuoso who can play a Brahms symphony note for note. That person is called a genius. But Kerouac deducts that “genius” actually refers to someone responsible for creating something that’s never been seen before.

Therefore, the genius is Brahms, not the violinist. Kerouac claims that the latter is simply “talented.”

Back to writing.

Someone who claims himself as innately skilled is the same as someone claiming to be a genius. But unless you’ve written something that’s one of its kind (Hello, do you know JK Rowling?), you can’t really make such a claim. You’re simply talented by Kerouac’s logic – skilled at interpretations of existing material. Based on this, you may claim that good writers can be born, but they’d have to be either geniuses or talented individuals, or even both.

Political thriller author Greg Barron claims that he’s not innately talented, but is also a slow learner. While now renowned for his literary niche, Barron says that he had to learn to write clearly and ingeniously at the same time.

You Are Born With It

Clarity is not something people are born with. A technical skill’s learned. Imaginative writing, on the other hand, is something that can be easily considered innate.

Whether you think you’re born with literary prowess or not, revel in it. Use it wisely. Not everyone has the skill (or have the chance/drive to learn how to do things). What matters is that you, the writer, should always thrive for what you have. Work hard. Improve. Read. Learn more.

All these you need to do if you want to be successful.