Are You Making These Online Marketing Mistakes?

Online MarketingMarketing is an essential aspect of any small business. It’s the only way to create brand awareness, increase your customer base and boost your revenues. While conventional marketing through TV ads and billboards used to work years ago, more people are now switching to online marketing to grow their customer base.

A survey conducted reports that only 8% start-ups outsource their marketing to an online marketing expert. Given the delicate balance of knowing where to advertise and what pleases investors, most small businesses end up making tragic digital marketing mistakes.

Some of the mistakes made include:

Using different platforms straight away

With the proliferation of social media sites, it’s easy to get tempted to have your business listed on all these sites. It’s always advisable to start with a new platform and see what makes sense. Testing each platform separately will help you compare which one works based on the numbers you get. If you’re thinking of investing in online marketing in Singapore, you need to talk to a digital marketing expert who will advise you on the way to get started.

Failure to have clear marketing goals

If you don’t know where you would like to be in 5 years’ time, you are likely to get confused along the way since you lack a vision of where you’d like to be. For you to succeed in digital marketing, you must have some goals that you can track along the way.

Before setting up any online marketing plan, take the time to define and communicate the objectives you hope to achieve. Use past experiences to come up with a better campaign.

Overlooking mobile users

Mobile users are on the rise. If your site is not optimised for mobile, you may be losing out on easy organic traffic. Consider setting up a mobile app then deliver quality content that increases customer engagement.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you succeed in your online marketing campaign. Online marketing results take time and there are no overnight solutions. You have to start from somewhere and grow.