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  • 02:20:16 pm on October 24, 2018 | Comments Off on Demand for Graphite Might Rise By 2025 as E-Cars Become More Popular | # |
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    Graphite Demands in the coming yearsThose who closely follow market trends for graphite prices should expect a potential shortage in the next decade due to the growing use of electric cars.

    In the U.S., as much as 7 million electric vehicles will be present on roads and highways by 2025. This represents a significant increase from just 567,000. The anticipated shortage of graphite resources stems from the need to produce more lithium-ion batteries, which are used to power electric cars.

    Electric Grid

    Aside from a potentially limited supply of graphite, the issue of a stable power grid in the U.S. becomes a relevant concern for the industry. Some experts believe that the country isn’t ready for a surge in electric vehicles, especially since there have been fewer sources of baseload power in recent years.

    Coal-fired plants have been significant sources of electricity, but over 600 facilities in 43 states have either closed or are due for retirement. Natural gas-power generators have become an alternative, yet the construction of pipelines has been complicated. As demand rises, the level of supply can’t keep up.

    Rising Prices

    The current level of natural graphite production in the world reaches around 1.2 million tons. It might seem like a huge volume, but the percentage used for electric car batteries ranges between 15% and 20%.

    If the global electric car market wants to avoid a potential shortage, the level of output should increase by up to 3 million tons per year. This figure could only be sufficient to sustain a demand for 950,000 tons of battery-grade graphite per year. Thus, the actual figure might change in the future.

    It’s more important to be updated with the market movement on graphite prices in the coming years due to the recent developments on the supply of materials for manufacturing electric cars.

  • 01:00:00 am on October 24, 2018 | Comments Off on Why Senior Dog Food Is Will Help Your Aging Pet Live Longer | # |
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    senior dog sleeping on a couchIf your pooch has too much ‘middle-aged spread,’ less energy or is suffering from the effects of arthritic joints you might consider giving them senior dog food. The lower fat, higher fiber special formulation is ideal.

    Just like humans, as dogs age, they start to gain weight around their middle. This is a result of a slowing down of their metabolism. They cannot process the nutrients in food as quickly and don’t require as many, leading some of the food to be stored as fat.

    Excessive weight gain puts a strain on the joints, making arthritic conditions more likely. It also accentuates inflammation, draining the animal of energy.

    Excessive Weight Makes Dogs Age Faster

    Scientists are becoming increasingly aware that chronic low-level inflammation has links to a wide variety of medical problems, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

    In addition to being at higher risk for these diseases, being overweight can make a senior dog age faster, and this could lower the dog’s lifespan.

    Advantages of Senior Dog Food

    Senior dog food is specially formulated to suit the needs of older dogs (older is classed as six and over for larger breeds and nine and over for small breeds). The food has:

    • Lower Fat – to help them maintain a healthy weight and heart.
    • More Fiber – The higher fiber content helps their intestines digest food more effectively, protecting them against gastrointestinal problems and bad breath.
    • Added Glucosamine – Senior formulations often contain added supplements to help the dog live a happy and healthy life. These include glucosamine to improve the flexibility of the joints and guard against arthritis, omega 3 for better mobility, vitamin A for a shinier coat and clearer skin and herbs or oils to improve energy and mental agility.

    Senior dogs might require more water than younger dogs, particularly when eating dry food, so it’s important that they always have a plentiful supply.

    Canine aging can bring with it weight gain, decreased energy, and painful joints, but owners can help relieve these symptoms with senior pet food.

  • 02:51:25 pm on October 23, 2018 | Comments Off on Tips for Hiring a Property Manager | # |
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    Businessman under a house drawingA property manager can make or break your overall rental property business. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one early on. If this is your first time, finding one can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways to make your search a lot easier.


    Ask around for referrals of property management companies in Denver, CO from friends and families. Chances are they might have worked with one or knows someone who has contacts. Asking around immediately reduces the task of going through thousands of names online.

    Background Check

    Once you have potential candidates, the next step is to do a background check. The Internet would be the best place to source information and read reviews from people who have availed their services. Taking note of these points can help you in your overall evaluation later on.


    After you have shortlisted several companies, conducting a face-to-face interview can help lead you to a final decision. Asking important questions like their length of experience, expertise, work ethics, goals, and achievements, among others, can help you know the company and the person more.


    There will eventually be a contract that you need to review thoroughly. Understanding the policies as well as its coverage and limitations can help protect your rights. Also, if changes are to be made, make sure that everything is on writing and agreed upon by both parties.


    It is important to discuss the price early on in the conversation. Make sure you are entering a transparent agreement where hidden fees are not present.

    Finding a property management service company is a big decision—and it’s not easy. But with the right guide, you can find the right one that best fits your rental property business, minus the stress.

  • 06:34:49 pm on October 19, 2018 | Comments Off on Stubborn Myths About Cebu Condo Living You’d Bury | # |
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    Condo in CebuBuying a condo in Cebu for sale offers many benefits. You’d be in the heart of the business district, putting you nearby practically everything. If you don’t feel like going out, you can take pleasure from the building’s wide range of amenities to celebrate the lifestyle you want. Compared to traditional, gated villages, condominium complexes often have tighter security.

    Although condo living isn’t perfect and for everybody, it isn’t as bad as many people think. Here are the most common misconceptions about getting a condo in Cebu you should you bury:

    You Can’t Avoid Feeling Claustrophobic

    Old-fashioned condo units have gained a reputation for being boxy, but cramped designs are becoming less popular. While some modern ones don’t have abundant floor space, you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find those with roomy living areas.

    You Can’t Enjoy Greenery

    Condo complexes don’t have the feel of the countryside with expansive natural landscapes, but they do incorporate Nature into the design. Hallways and communal areas are typically decorated with flowers and ornamentals, serving as an oasis in the middle of the city.

    You Can’t Have Privacy

    You may be sharing walls with neighbors, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a place to spend “alone time” with yourself or your family. Many developments are beginning to limit the number of units per floor, offering every household a better sense of peace.

    You Can’t Raise a Family

    Anyone who has visited enough condos would know that multi-bedroom units are not uncommon. Many children in major cities these days grow up in such complexes.

    You Can’t Easily Secure Financing

    The number of borrowers of condo loans pales in comparison to that of borrowers of traditional mortgages, but it’s rising in prime markets like Cebu. Pag-IBIG is finding ways to incentivize developments to partner with the fund, hoping to make it more accessible for most buyers.

    Debunking the entire condo-living mythology is key to find the most sensible housing option for your situation. While it’s convenient to stereotype condo units as the antithesis of detached properties, ignoring their similarities and focusing solely on their differences is a mistake.

  • 01:00:00 am on October 19, 2018 | Comments Off on Top Travel Tips For Your First Visit to Singapore | # |
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    tourists in SingaporeSingapore is one of South East Asia’s top countries for tourists and travellers. The country’s unique mix of East and West is an attraction, but so is its skyline and food culture. If you want to visit Singapore, you should consider these tips for your trip to the Garden City.

    Take Public Transport

    Singapore’s public transport system is one of the best in the region. The bus and train systems provide commuters several options on how to reach their destination. The bus stations have routes and regular stops all over the island, and in popular tourist spots, the buses have a night route option.

    Eat at a Hawker Centre

    Singapore’s hawker centres offer Malay, Chinese, Western, and other Asian food. The prices are affordable and provide variety. The best places to eat in Singapore include the Tiong Bahru Market, Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Toa Payoh Hawker Centre, and 724 Ang Mo Kio Market and Food Centre.

    Go Early

    It’s best to leave early when you plan to see some tourist attractions, such as the Merlion and the Singapore Flyer. The effort will be worth it, as you’ll have little to no distractions when you explore. Also, you’ll be able to take a lot of beautiful pictures without the crowds.

    Know the Law

    Singapore is strict with laws and enforces them strictly, for both visitors and locals. Make sure to follow anti-littering laws and pedestrian laws to avoid penalties and fines.

    You should also know that chewing gum is a banned item in the city-state. If you are fond of bubble gum, make sure to dispose of it properly, wrapped in tissue or paper. But it’s always best not to bring any of it into the country.

    Singapore may be a small place, but it offers travellers great attractions and fascinating experiences. Walk the streets, taste the local flavours and see the sights. You’ll enjoy your Singapore trip and won’t regret it!

  • 03:40:42 pm on October 18, 2018 | Comments Off on How Does the Growing Gig Economy Affect Bookkeeping Services? | # |
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    How the gig economy is affecting bookkeeping servicesIf you have been thinking of buying a financial services franchise, you only need to look at the growing gig economy in the U.S. as a good reason to do so. A recent JP Morgan study showed that the number of households that participate in online money-making platforms has increased between 2013 and 2018.

    Growing Workforce Segment

    The study categorized the online platform users into four groups: transportation, non-transportation, sales, and leasing work. Transportation users include ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, while non-transportation include writing jobs. The remaining two categories refer to e-commerce sites like eBay and Airbnb.

    By the end of the first quarter this year, 4.5% of surveyed households use an online platform to work in any four of these categories. In 2013, there were only 0.3% of the respondents who were involved in the gig economy. The study based its findings from 2.3 million Americans who earned a combined $38 million in five years.

    Reasons for Growth

    Independent gig workers may have increased in number because of the flexibility in work schedules and being their own boss, compared to contingent gig workers. The latter group falls under the definition of people working for another company without the benefits and job security of regular employees.

    Whether or not they are freelancers, more people will require financial services for their own tax compliance. Even regular workers may need a professional for checking their books if they decide to moonlight as an Uber driver or an online writer.

    Gig economy workers may not dramatically increase in the future, but their steady growth in numbers means that Americans are finding other ways to earn extra cash. This means that there will be a need for financial professionals who are able to help them with keeping track of their books.

  • 01:00:00 am on October 18, 2018 | Comments Off on Pee Problem: The Reason Women Need ‘Sit-Friendly’ Toilet Seats | # |
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    Person Flushing the ToiletIt’s an unspoken rule that women follow when using toilets in shopping malls or bars: squat over the seat and never let any part of the body touch the surface. It’s understandable, given the thought that there are too many people who’ve used the loo. Health experts, however, advise against the toilet practice. Property owners or managers have the responsibility to create a hygienic space where people can use the toilets the healthy way after all.

    Squatting vs. Sitting

    According to medical specialists, hovering over the toilets as opposed to completely sitting down on it leaves pelvic muscles tensed. These muscles would need to be relaxed for the bladder to go empty. There’s a high chance that there’s urine left as a result of the unrelaxed muscles. People may experience accidental leaks when laughing, coughing, or doing strenuous activities. Furthermore, that urine ‘residue’ may cause irritation in the bladder, which results in more frequent trips to the bathroom.

    Towards a ‘Sit-Friendly’ Toilet

    On one hand, squatting over toilets isn’t healthy. On the other, sitting down isn’t sanitary. The burden then falls to building owners to maintain hygienic toilets, and to bring back people’s confidence in healthy bathroom habits. You should have a cleaning policy and a clear procedure protocol in place, which ensures that toilets are ‘sit-friendly’.

    Generally, sanitation procedures involve three major steps. The first one, which is the most crucial, is disinfection of surfaces. This includes not just of toilets, but also of commercial bathroom partitions and sinks. Cleaning chemicals have different dwell times, the period the disinfectant should stay on the surface to effectively kill germs, so cleaning specialists often do this first and perform the rinsing after the next steps are done.

    The second step is sweeping and mopping of the floors, getting rid of debris. The third and last step is emptying trash bins and refilling tissue and soap dispensers.

    Apparently, the habit of squatting over toilets isn’t any better than sitting down. If customer service is at the core of your business, sanitation and sit-friendly toilets should be at the top of your priority.

  • 01:00:00 am on October 17, 2018 | Comments Off on Moving with Ease: 4 Things to Do When Relocating | # |
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    Moving or Relocating TipsIt’s normal for homeowners to grow attached to their house, but relocations are inevitable. When moving to a new house, you’ll need all the help you can get. This won’t guarantee a hassle-free move, though, unless you seek a professional moving company. Such a service usually provide long distance van lines for clients, so you can just sit back and let the experts do the work.

    Here are the things to do when relocating:

    See if the price fits your budget

    You need to see if the rates offered by the moving service is within your budget. Many moving companies have competitive prices to attract customers and sell them the idea that their rates are more bang-for-your-buck than others.

    Plan the specifics with a moving team

    Once you’re satisfied with the rates, set a schedule with the moving company. It should typically be a week or two from the time you inform the movers, so that they’d have time to prepare. You’d also have to plan with them on the number of vans to bring to accommodate the number of boxes you’d have.

    Have your belongings organized for packing

    Organize your things according to which family member or living companion owns them. This applies to clothes, toys, electronic devices, or shoes. It’s helpful to do this because you won’t have to fuss about finding certain belongings once you unpack at your new home or location.

    Ensure they get packed securely

    On the day of the move, make sure the boxes are packed securely. Doing so would prevent the boxes and their contents from getting thrown around once the vans are moving.

    Homeowners might need to relocate to another place, as required by work or any other issue. Seeking the help of a professional moving company make the move easier, as these experts can help plan things with you, pack the boxes into the moving vans, and organize them accordingly.

  • 01:00:00 am on October 13, 2018 | Comments Off on Creating Brochures: 4 Tips for an Effective Design | # |
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    Bundled and stacked brochuresBrochures are a versatile marketing tool. They contain vital information regarding a particular company, event, product, or service. An effectively designed brochure gives a clear picture of what your business is about and what you can offer to clients. A poorly designed one, on the other hand, can dull your brand’s image and could make you lose potential clients.

    It’s crucial to take your time when designing brochures. Here are tips in creating an effective one:

    1. Pay attention to the text content

    The content in your brochures is a key marketing element. When time and resources are scarce, outsourcing brochure printing services can help attain your goals. It’s best that you’re certain of what you want and how you want it done, depending on the printing options offered by your provider. Ensure that you have a clear strategy and a message that’s in line with it.

    Write great content, but keep it brief. This will give you space to add attention-grabbing photos and blurbs, which will keep your readers engrossed in the brochure.

    2. Choose an easy to read font

    Readability is another crucial feature. Even if the content of your brochure is great, it’s pointless if it’s not legible. Limit the use of multiple font styles and sizes, so it can remain easy on the eyes.

    3. Build credibility

    It’s easier to convert prospects into customers if you build trust. Avoid hard sale language and unfounded claims. Include real reviews from customers to make readers trust you. Offering a money-back guarantee or a return policy in case the customer isn’t satisfied also goes a long way in building credibility.

    4. Include a call to action

    After your readers have read your brochure to the end, what next? Give your reader a reason to act or else the intentions of the brochure will be null. Give discounts to attract them to take action. In addition, make it easy for your readers to respond. Include contact information, such as your email address, telephone number, website, and even social media pages.

    Brochures offer an economical marketing platform. These tips will make yours more effective in achieving the objectives of your business.

  • 01:49:56 pm on October 11, 2018 | Comments Off on What You Need to Know Before Franchising a Business | # |
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    Franchise concept overlaying a businessmanOne of the biggest hurdles that aspiring entrepreneurs have to face is financing. Often times, most companies, such as Starlite Family Fun Center, offer a franchise opportunity and have capital requirements.

    To help you understand the requirements better, here are the basic factors associated with a franchise.

    Location or Facilities

    In certain scenarios, you might have to purchase land or rent a building when setting up a business. So it’s essential to allocate enough money for your monthly lease.

    You have to think about the leasehold improvements as well. Although most franchisors will provide allowance for it, it’s always best to have enough cash if in case something unexpected arises.

    Sources for Funds

    Aside from the bank, you could also try to check if the franchisor offers funding as well. There are a couple of businesses that offer at least 15–75 percent of total debt burden to its franchisees. So try to assess your financing options with them so you won’t have to worry about the entire start-up cost.

    Legal Requirements

    There are very specific documents that franchisees have to fill out in order to proceed with the transaction. You might want to hire a lawyer who knows a lot about franchising so you’ll get the legal support that you need.

    One way to be sure that you’ll only have the best legal support is by shopping around for legal firms and try to get quotes for their services.

    Opening a franchise business can be a bit tricky at first. That’s why it’s essential to do your own research to let know you exactly what you’ll be going through. Always try to learn new skills and never be afraid to ask help if you need it.

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