Breaking the Fast: Evidence-Based Findings in Support of the Morning Meal

Fresh croissant sandwich with ham, cheese and salad leaf with coffee on blue tableWe all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After hours of night rest, a well-balanced meal to break the fast is a proven method to jumpstart your daily activities while keeping the daily recommended calories in check.

Compelling scientific findings as discussed below ought to persuade you not to ignore those breakfast places in Gulf Shores such as TackyJacks.

Intake of unique nutrients

Studies published by International Food Information Council Foundation (IFICF) indicate that having regular morning meals present a far much better opportunity of consuming a high-quality diet as opposed to breakfast skippers.

To muddy the waters, breakfast skippers are more inclined to eat junk food to fight their hunger pangs during the day. The practice robs them the opportunity to make up for the lost nutrients provided in the different classes of food that regular breakfast eaters have.

Cognitive development in kids

Studies conducted among schoolchildren who began their school day on empty stomachs reported a significant academic disadvantage among the affected students.

According to an Appetite Journal publication, children who skipped breakfast had poor recall ability, more prone to errors and hence had greater odds to repeat school grade.

Correlation of breakfast with general health

Some scientific studies suggest that skipping breakfast sends the wrong information to the body control centers of metabolism. Starvation triggers reduced rates of metabolism in anticipation of reduced energy reserves.

This partly explains the reason why perpetual breakfast skippers have higher body mass index than regular breakfast takers. Obesity triggers a cascade of health problems such as the risk of developing heart condition, Type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

State of Breakfast

What you have for breakfast places a central role in ensuring that you maximize the benefits of breaking the morning fast. The IFICF highly recommends a transition from high-fat diet breakfast to low-fat served with whole grains and cereals as well as fruits.

Evidence-based studies suggest that you have more to lose than gain by skipping breakfast. Take your time and enjoy breaking the fast.