Building a Brand Visual identity

Brand Visual Identity in MelbourneA brand is like a child, it requires nurturing at the time of conception until it’s mature enough to walk on its own. According to a Melbourne-based graphic design company, the best brands have a distinct visual identity that captures the imagination of customers and keeps them loyal. Companies that manage to have a consistent style resonate with their audiences effectively, and have the benefit of maximising their resources in the long-term for advertising.

How can you build a strong brand visual brand identity? Here’s how.

Know the Audience

Companies start with their end users in mind when they create a brand and build its personality or identity. If you don’t understand who you’re speaking to, you won’t be able to craft an effective message. The first thing that marketers do is to qualify their target audience based on where they fit in terms of gender, marital status, educational attainment, income, location, occupation and others.

The Presentation

Now you know who your potential customers are, the next step is understanding the best and most effective way to present your products and services without coming off as pushy. What added value do you offer? Would your offerings fill a need? If your market is mums, one way to grab their attention is to post testimonials on your website. These stories tug at the heartstrings, and elicit positive feedback and emotions from visitors, increasing the likelihood of a conversion. The photos and colours you use associate these feelings and experiences with your brand.

Emotional Appeal

Brands that know how to leverage emotional appeal keep their customers loyal. Adding this dynamic to your visual style allows you to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. To do this, weave a story and persona into your pages. These faces of real people give your brand an identity and soul, which matter to today’s customer.

All these work together to enable you to create a brand visual identity you can call your own. Doing so allows you to establish your company in a niche and win the loyalty of your customers.