Capturing the Beauty of Environmental Portraits: What and How?

Photographer holding a tripod and a cameraEnvironmental portraits are shots taken of people or a person in a setting where they reside in or a certain location that speaks about them. The mentioned location for the environmental portrait photography is typically a place of play, work or rest.

Photography expert DC Corporate Headshots suggests that as the corporate marketing executive, you must choose a photographer that will be able to capture your vision. Throughout the selection process, ensure that your photographer knows the following aspects.

Getting to Know the Subject

Before your photographer chooses a scene and begins shooting, they must devote some of their time in getting to know you, as the subject. They should observe their subject’s behavior, determine the rhythm of their life and identify where they commonly spend their time.

This information will give them the proper shoot locations. It will also help them start to get a sense of the style of pictures that are fitting. This way, they can help their subject calm down during the photoshoot.

Choosing the Location

There are times when your photographer is lucky enough for the location to pick them, but other times, they would have to make a purposeful and deliberate decision. When selecting the setting, they most likely want to be in a location that speaks about you, and does not overpower the shot and adds interest to it.

Camera Settings

Your photographer must understand that there is no wrong or right way to set their camera for an environmental portrait. This will entirely rely on the effect that they want and the location.

They might even encounter instances wherein they choose to capture photos at smaller apertures (bigger numbers) that helps keep both the background and foreground in focus. Other times, they can choose to take photos with a wider focal length in settings where they want to emphasize the environment.

Although, this does not generally mean that they cannot capture photos using other settings. In the end, they can choose whatever mode they want and they can even mix it up a little bit.

Environmental portraits stand somewhere between candid shots that catch subjects almost incidentally as they experience their daily life and deliberately posed shots of studio portraits. Ensure that you hire the services of a photographer who knows what they are doing.