Child Safety at Home: Ways to Prevent Common Accidents

Swimming pool coverThe home should be a safe place for children. However, there are still plenty of things at home that can hurt your children. To prevent accidents from happening, make sure you child-proof the following areas in your home:

Backyard safety

Though it is recommended for children to play outside the house, certain areas and backyard equipment can be dangerous. Statistics show that an average of 13 children in the US are treated for lawn mower accidents daily. To prevent this, create a rule to keep the child off the lawn as you mow it. If you’re not using the lawn mower, make sure that it’s kept locked up inside your tool shed. If you have a swimming pool, automatic pool safety covers can help prevent children from accidentally falling into it.

Kitchen safety

Keep flammable products away from the stove. Also, don’t forget to keep products such as dishwashing soap, strong cleaners and polishing liquid away from children’s reach as are toxic when ingested. If you’re away from the kitchen, make sure to unplug all appliances and never leave any sharp objects lying around. Sharp table corners can also be hazardous, so make sure you install edge guards. These are especially useful if your child’s face is at the same height as these sharp surface edges.

Living room safety

Lock your windows when your children are around to prevent them from falling over as they play. The floor must also be clean and free from needles, marbles and other small items that may cause injury. Install covers over all electrical sockets to prevent them from sticking their fingers into them.

Your children deserve a safe home that they can grow and play in. As a parent, you have the power to give this to your child. By being thorough in child-proofing your home, you’ll be able to keep your child safe and healthy.