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    person with disabilityLarge numbers of American children with disabilities are denied benefits, leaving their lower-income parents without a safety net. If your child has been denied SSI, find out why and what you can do about it.

    Claims for childhood SSI are denied at higher rates than those of adults. At the same time, parents of children with disabilities face higher medical bills and difficulties remaining in work. Juggling the extra care needs of a disabled child with work commitments can be challenging. Therefore, many families living with disability are on low incomes or surviving under the poverty line.

    Reasons Child SSI Claims Get Rejected

    There are plenty of reasons claims get rejected. Here are some of them:

    The parent has not provided enough information about how the child’s condition impacts their daily life. To meet the criteria, the child must have a severe impairment that limits his ability to self-care, participate in everyday activities, do school work, communicate or have normal social relationships. If this is indeed the case, the parent needs to provide more evidence from a doctor, teacher or child psychologist (or all of those).

    If the claim is based on a mental disorder or learning disability, social security officers will need information from independent doctors to verify this, as well as psychological testing.

    Children who have a chronic, long-term illness will only qualify if this is not successfully controlled by medication and it has a severe impact on their ability to do things. Often, only illnesses expected to last at least a year or terminal conditions will be awarded.

    Improper handling of the case by social security can be another reason. Some claims are rejected when the child meets the criteria. This may be because 43 percent of children now have a chronic illness.

    Help with an SSI Claim

    If a parent believes their child does meet the criteria, attending a social security disability for children consultation is important. An expert can look at the claim again and maximize the claimant’s chance of success.

    Informing yourself about the provisions and procedures for SSI claims is a critical first step for getting your child the care he or she needs and deserves. Make sure to update yourself on new regulations and get all the support you need when processing claims.