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Clean Offices and the Benefits on Office Productivity

OfficeCleanliness can make or break your staff productivity and this has been proven in many studies.

There is growing literature on how a sanitary office can psyche your employees for great achievements and productivity. Cleaning contractors such as Active Cleaning Ltd are growing in demand because of the big return on investment that companies can get for having clean surroundings.

The following takes a look at some of the things that medical and academic researchers have found regarding cleanliness and productivity:

Lack of Cleanliness Distracts

The Center for Facilities Research, co-sponsored by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) found that unsanitary workplaces are gross, distracting, and decreases learning and productivity.

Jefferey Campbell, PhD chair of the facilities management program at Brigham Young University conducted a study on the relationship of cleanliness and learning in higher education. A total of 1,481 people were surveyed for the study. 88% of respondents reported that productivity, concentration, and learning is hampered in dingy places. Sensory distractions as clutter and foul smells affect focus in many ways.

Dust Affects Skills and Productivity

Good housekeeping protocols were found to have both comfort and health benefits, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. Simple discomfort such as dry eyes and throat, itchy or watery eyes, lethargy, chest tightness, and headaches can all eat up the concentration of employees.

Distractions shift employee focus from getting work done to finding solutions to make things comfortable around them. This performance loss ranges from 3-8% depending on the number of distress. Dust in old carpets affect the subject’s typing skills, logical reasoning, arithmetic, memory and creative thinking skills by 2-6%.

Clean Office Counts

Having clean surroundings had a profound effect on employee perception about their work. HLW International LLP studied 400 managers and employees regarding productivity and cleanliness. The researchers found that the employee productivity levels were heavily influenced by the office cleanliness. A clean office simply makes them more productive by 5%.

Make the right decision and commit to a clean workplace. Find a cleaning contractor and watch your staff perform at their best.