Clean Your Home Like a Professional Cleaner

Family ready to clean their homeThe commercial cleaning industry in New Zealand is a highly competitive industry with a value of $1 billion dollars. With more than 30,000 commercial cleaners in the country, this is a high demand for a country where people mostly spend their time working outside of the house. The high demand is due to the relatively low cost of cleaning services, like to vacuum the carpet, bathroom sanitation, and window cleaning in Auckland. If you want the tidiness a professional cleaner could give you, AA Cleaning Ltd presents four ways you can give your home the professional cleaning treatment.


Clean from the top down, so the dirt and dust from the higher surfaces will collect on the floor. You can clean the floor last, and you can clear off all the dust has been collected. Also, make sure to touch the surface only once, and do not go back and forth on wiping surfaces.

Remake the Bed

Strip the linens, remake the beds and clear all clutter. Lift each corner of the mattress to make tucking the sheets faster. Use a microfibre cloth to clean the dust top down, working clockwise.

Clean the Bathroom

Spray an all-purpose product on the sink, shower, and tub, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe. Clean the toilet by brushing baking soda into the bowl and finish it by wiping it with the all-purpose spray. Clean the mirrors using a glass cleaner. Mop the floor from the inside towards the doorway.

Tidy the Living, Dining, and Kitchen

Clear all the clutter and dust all surfaces from top to bottom. Load dirty dishes in the dishwasher and clean the counters using a damp sponge. Rinse the sponge with hot water because it could absorb more dirt and oil that way.

Clean with convenience

The tips above are just some ways to keep your house clean. Enhance your cleaning skills with these suggestions, or if you find you have no time, hire the services of a window and house cleaning service in Auckland to make your house sparkly clean.