Dear Christian Schools, Learn from Jesus

Christian Schools in TennesseSmall Christian schools always face a challenge when it comes to increasing their enrollment. With other institutions competing for students, standing out isn’t as easy as it seems.

Initially, not everyone is interested in this type of educational model. So, all of your marketing efforts should attract attention. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a good marketing role model, Jesus can teach you a thing or two.

As one of the greatest storytellers, the Son of Man is an expert in spreading the message.

Know Your Purpose

The team from Sonlight Studios suggests marketing through promotional videos in Tennessee. But if you don’t know your purpose, it will go to waste.

Your purpose determines the mission of your school. Why do you exist? Everything stems from your answer to this question. Unless the end is crystal clear, it’s impossible to attract students.

Jesus had a clear mission for coming into the world — to save humanity from eternal damnation. He made his purpose clear in John 3:16. He knew his business: to die so that you can have eternal life. As a school, your mission is to educate and send great students to the world. Know your purpose first before you spread your message.

Do You Know your Gospel?

Your aim is to convince parents to entrust their children with you. Your message is simple: we’re a good school that offers quality and Bible-based education. In order to share your good news, it should be compelling.

Jesus shared His gospel in a very convincing manner. His passion to seek and save the lost drove Him to repeat His message countless times, ensuring no one misses out.

Just like Jesus, a compelling message is crucial to your marketing strategy. The message is the foundation of all your efforts, as well as the essence of the school. If you don’t know it well, your marketing is ineffective.

The Bottom Line

Effective marketing paves the way for you to earn the parents’ trust. Since childhood education is crucial, Moms and Dads would want the best school for their children. It’s important to ensure parents that your school will bring the best out of the kids.

Jesus poured all effort to convince everyone that He knew their best interests. Through storytelling and a compelling message, He won numbers to His Kingdom.

You can do the same. When planning your strategies, just ask: What would Jesus do?