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Design Your Own Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps

Modern kitchenA kitchen is where people do most of the activities – cooking, eating, cleaning, socializing, and drinking – all takes places in that one cozy spot in our house. It’s usually made up of RTA kitchen cabinets – which you can get from firms such as – along with sinks and a stove.

But how do you design such a high-traffic space? Before you go online, here are a few tips on how to effectively design your kitchen and bring out the designer in you.

Create a wall and floor plan

You can create a wall and floor plan on a piece of paper and try to visualize how you want your kitchen to look like. You may also want to use software to make it easier if it’s available. It’s also a great idea to try to adjust the scale so you can fit the kitchen’s look on a sheet of paper.


You may also consider choosing the appliances that you’d like to have in your kitchen. The basic appliances found in a kitchen are often related to the sink, stove, and the refrigerator. It’s ideal to create a triangular layout of these three appliances so you can have easier access and enough room for preparation.


Always consider your kitchen storage when designing a layout. Carefully think about the spaces in your ceiling to increase the storage space. Several manufacturers of kitchen cabinets offer a wide range of storage solutions.


Aside from food preparation, countertops are also important to accommodate your small appliances such as blenders and coffeemakers. You can also use as an extra eating space and a breakfast bar. So, try to do design your countertops with these things in mind.

Designing your own kitchen is a fun activity. You may want to check out magazines and search the internet to get more inspiration, as well as how you’d like your kitchen to look.