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Do You Need a PR Expert for Your Business?

Public RelationsWhether you’re looking to create some buzz for your new product, need some press release, or build stronger relationships with top influencers in your industry, you will need PR or public relations experts to help you out.

What Do PR Experts Do?

Public relations require strong verbal and written skills, as well as experience and interest in the any different media forms available today. PR experts utilise their skills for supporting a host of PR projects, from various media events to blogger outreach, product launches, and reputation management. PR campaigns typically combine different tactics such as:

  • Hosting media and public events
  • Handling press releases
  • Working with journalists and bloggers
  • Writing and submitting articles
  • Guest blogging campaigns
  • Working with top influencers via social media campaigns
  • One on one outreach through correspondence or phone

However, it’s fairly easy to confuse marketing with public relations that some businesses have a tough time determining which one they need help with, says a PR pro from a renowned PR firm in Melbourne. If this is the case for you, below are some key differences regarding the PR and marketing skill set and approach:

  • What is the goal of the project that you need help with? PR typically aspires to create goodwill and maintain your brand’s reputation, while marketing is normally focused on sales.
  • Who exactly do you want to reach? A marketing campaign’s primary drive is to ensure that customers buy your products. Although PR can also support this, its focus is more long-term and includes fostering strong relationships with stakeholders such as investors, the media, and various industry influencers.
  • What type of promotion do you need? PR focuses mainly on ‘earned media’ such as free coverage from online publications or news outlets. On the other hand, marketing utilises paid strategies like advertising.

Some Crucial Considerations

When you require more awareness for your brand, a PR expert understands how to create the right message to appeal to your target market or audience. Prior to reaching out to a PR expert, you should first determine your specific goals for your business, your available resources and budget, as well as your expectations on what the PR expert can offer and deliver.

Additionally, keep in mind that public relations are a partnership between your business and the PR expert. And for a PR campaign to work, you should determine how the campaign would support your key objectives, how it could be combined with your current marketing campaign, and how you could help to ensure that the campaign will be a success.