Do You Need Emergency Home Repairs? The DSHA Can Help

Woman called for help due to her emergency home repairResidents in Delaware that have no money to pay for emergency repairs such as a leaky roof or a damaged heating system may apply for a statewide funding program.

The Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) provided a $600,000 funding grant in partnership with Milford Housing Development Corporation. Gov. John Carney announced the program in March and added that it is open to qualified homeowners in the state.

Urgent Home Repairs

Milford Mayor Bryan Shupe said that the funding would help residents in the city comply with building code standards, since many homeowners are unable to afford certain repairs. Shupe believes that the initiative will not just benefit Milford residents, but also those in other cities such as Wilmington. Garage door repair services may or may not be covered under the program.

However, DSHA Director Anas Ben Addi said that fixing accessibility issues can be financially challenging for some households, as well as simple repairs for rooftops, heating and electrical systems. An average homeowner can expect to receive an estimated $7,000 for repairs, if they meet the qualifications, according to Ben Addi.

Qualifying Scenarios

Homeowners in the state may apply for the Statewide Emergency Repair Program if they have resided in the property for at least one year. Certain income guidelines will also determine if you are qualified for the funding assistance.

Some situations that are covered under the program include electrical repairs, plumbing problems, heating system repairs for winter, roof replacement, fixing structural damages and urgent accessibility repairs. These scenarios should also pose immediate risks to the residents’ health and safety. Owners of manufactured housing or mobile homes may also apply for funding aid.


The public-private partnership will be beneficial for cash-strapped homeowners in Delaware, since failing to fix urgent repairs can pose serious risks to a household’s health and safety.