Dubai Schools: Questions Your Child May Want to Ask Before Enrolling

Child Development in Dubai The change of lifestyle, language, culture and connections will always affect even the hardiest of adults. That said, expect your child to have their own concerns with your migration to Dubai as well, especially with the school they’ll be attending. Consider their concerns too, so you know they will manage the change.

Will My Teachers Understand Me?

The biggest names and statistics in academic excellence means squat to a child whose first concern is acceptance and adjustments. They will always look for understanding, concern and wisdom from those who will guide them, so they will try to see how accommodating the school faculty and staff is. Bring them along when you do survey the school.

How Does the School Deal With Bullies?

This concerns every student all over the world, more so with foreign or migrant students who feel they are not in their own “territory.” Does the school have an anti-bully program? What solutions do they offer for bullying? Be sure to ask these questions in behalf of your child.

What Punishment Does the School Practice?

Every culture has its own punishment system and the same can be said with Dubai primary schools. Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai suggests to see if their punishment and reward systems are acceptable to you and your child’s moral compasses. Move on to the next school if they go against your own disciplinary beliefs.

Are the Students Friendly and Approachable?

Social acceptance is important for any child of any age at this point. No matter the language barrier or cultural differences, children find ways of connecting with other youngsters of their age — if in the right attitude and situations. Ask around about the school’s students from co-workers or friends just to find out if your child can fit in.

Of course, what you deem as important in selecting a school should be the main consideration for your selection. It’s still your child who will be studying, however. It’s only right that you would give attention to what they want. Work together at your final decision because that’s what families do.