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Effective Motel Maintenance: It’s What Keeps Guests Coming Back

Motel MaintenanceTo keep guests coming back, motel owners need to be diligent when it comes to maintaining the establishment. Just because motels are relatively less expensive than hotels, it does not mean guests should not enjoy the same comfort and services.

While you can just buy a motel for sale in Victoria to begin operations right away, doing so does not necessarily mean you are free of initial maintenance obligations. Certain improvements may also be required.

Large-Scale Maintenance

Motels don’t have to do this regularly, but a few renovations to the building just to keep it fresh and appealing are good investments. This is especially true for establishments with a lot of clients. At the same time, this will enable the addition of facilities that can make the stay a more memorable experience for guests. This has to be well-planned because of the resources it will entail, as well as the time it will take before it can be open for service.

Maintenance on a Regular Basis

Aside from everyday housekeeping activities, a motel needs sprucing on a regular basis particularly in areas that are often visible to the public. This includes carpet-cleaning, cutting the grass, washing floors and windows, and even replacing busted lights.

Do not think that guests don’t notice little details because they can be quite particular about cleanliness and often remember the bad experiences.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Preventive maintenance is crucial in a business so operations are not suddenly interrupted. Being able to catch problems before they become full-blown is a sign of good management. Personnel should be trained to inspect and report or handle minor corrections themselves before these come to the attention of guests.

These include leaking faucets, damage to walls and ceilings or caulking in tubs. They can be an annoyance for guests so it’s best to catch them early on.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Just because it’s outside of the building does not mean it will make an impression on guests. It can actually become their first impression of the motel if there are potholes, drainage problems, or poor lighting. Make sure this is regularly checked and whatever repairs are quickly undertaken to avoid accidents. Furthermore, there should be 24-hour security available.

There are motels that build good reputations simply because maintenance is a priority. The simple things make a lot of difference to guests, and will make them come back or have them putting in a good word for you.