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Enhancing Audience Experience In Stadiums

Sports Personnel In a StadiumModern facility managements design their stadium seating solutions to increase the viewing experience of their audiences. They spend a lot of time, money and effort into the design, environment and construction of the stadium to ensure customer satisfaction.

Stadium Savers Ltd. explains that designers use the viewers’ perspective in making solutions for the arena or stadium set up. Some stadiums increase their ticket prices, and top sports teams are forced to deliver for their fans to meet the standards for maximum viewing experience expected by their viewers.

Environmental Improvement

Modern technology and design principles have made facilities use retractable roofs. Partial roofs are used to improve protection from intense sunlight or sub-freezing conditions.

Seating Specifications

Customers always expect more regarding seating comfort and convenience; principles in ergonomics were used to determine the best seating specifications. Designers use these principles to derive the optimal specification based on the body dimensions of users. Final seating specifications can be estimated based on the average, smallest, and the largest measurements of the sample group.


Bad seating can cause lower back injuries or issues. To prevent issues and to offer comfort to the viewers, backrests should be installed and should be of the best height to offer support to its user’s mid-back.

Seat Width

To ensure comfort, the width of the seat must be sufficient for its user. Usually, designers take advantage of the maximum capacity of the facility with the use of narrow stadium chairs, but this solution might decrease their number of customers in the end. To improve customer relationship and for the success of the long-term business plan, modern designers made the seat width to be around 47 cm. This value was derived from principles of ergonomics. Also, they made some necessary adjustments based on surveys and visual observations.

Seating solutions are primary strategies that can improve customer satisfaction. The designs must be based on significant data and observations that try to enhance the audience’s experience.