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Essential Contents of Nail Polishes to Learn Before Buying One

Buying Nail PolishesA nail polish might be a small thing, but it is one of the best gifts you can give to your chic friend. Nail polishes make stylish women stand out. But, sometimes, it isn’t easy to buy one especially when you are surrounded by hundreds of nail polishes to choose from. You might have read a lot of tips on buying one, but here are only four helpful guides in choosing the best nail polish for your friend.


The ingredients of nail polishes such as Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor help achieve the finest look of the nails and maintain its strength for days. But, health experts worldwide found out that inhaling them is hazardous to our health. These are highfalutin words, but you have to know them when buying one. That is why eco-friendly nail polishes have spread around the market. You can now find vegan 5-free nail polishes online and offline. After all, the safety of your friend should always be your priority.

Water-based nail polishes are hassle-free for your friend

Water-based nail polishes are perfect for your friend who is always in a rush. These are fast drying, and odourless. You can always find them in 5-free nail polishes as their contents mainly come from natural resources, and not tested on animals. The ingredients mentioned earlier mainly have solvent-based chemicals that give off fumes.

Make sure you buy long-lasting nail polishes

Aside from the help of top and base coat, there are also nail polishes that last for weeks without fading or chipping. It is always advisable to research and ask the nail artists before getting one. Gel manicures provide the best and long-lasting look for your nails. Some brands might be expensive, but you will surely get the best out of it.

Get nail polishes that are attention-grabbing

If you can’t choose the perfect colour for your friend, why not take her to the nail polish shop for a nail treat. Nail arts have been growing fame online and offline. There are various designs to choose from, and you can even request for a customised design. But, if you feel like purchasing and wrapping them for your friend, then glitter polishes are still the most preferred style. Wide-array of glitter colours are perfect for every occasion; whether at school, work, or a weekend night out.

All fashion icons will say that fashion is never complete without nail polishes. Whatever outfit you use, it definitely adds power to your style. Buy one for your friend, and make her every day classy.