Extend the Life of School Uniforms in Three Easy Steps

School UniformThe Australian school uniform is your children’s most used clothing pieces during their academic days. Students wear the uniform day in and day out during a typical school day; and these are even worn on special occasions outside regular school hours.

Here are ways to extend the lifespan of your child’s school uniforms:

Get a Good Number of Them

As explained by, having more Australian school uniforms on hand will make them less susceptible to wear and tear, since they are less often. Not only is this good for extending the life of your child’s uniform, but it also saves you from doing laundry frequently. This means saving on heat, electricity, water and your precious time.

Repair At Once

Any small tear or loose button can eventually lead to more damage if left unchecked. This is especially true if you have tossed the damaged uniform into the wash without realising it. Tell your child to inform you of any kind damage done to their school garments. When they would not, check their uniforms yourself, and mend whatever needs mending as soon as possible.

Store Everything Properly

Due to a busy lifestyle, there are times when the newly washed clothes end up too long in the clothes basket before they are folded and stored. Sometimes, even when the laundry is long finished, the clothes stay in the dryer or washer overnight. Try your best to fold and stow them away to their appointed places at once. If they need to ironed, then assign a closet or basket for them, but fold them before placing them in.

You may not know it, but caring for your child’s school uniform gives them self-confidence and a sense of well being, knowing that you care for them. Just for this reason alone, giving special attention to their school uniform is already a fulfilling task.