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Finding Purpose: Hoshin Kanri and What it Can Do for You

Size matters little when it comes to business. Remember that the big players did not start out as household names. That said, here’s a strategy that can help you think biStrategic Planningg.

One Direction

Starting your company means you began with people with a common vision. As your business grows, this core should continue to filter down to those you eventually hire. It is here that this type of policy deployment can help you. The point of Hoshin Kanri is to get everyone aligned in the aspects of strategy, tactics, and operations. In doing so, all members of the company move towards the same end as a unit.

Keep Things Flowing

Strategic planning isn’t just about individual projects. Consider the policies you already put into place when you started out. Review the vision and mission of your company. Sit down with the necessary members of your core team. Make sure everyone is on board with these concepts and discuss how well they have been implemented in the other departments and levels of the business.


From there, move on to mid-level management. Keep the lines of communication open. Review progress regularly; it will tell you how well the groundwork is translating into the actual process. It helps to be hands-on to make sure that everything is moving smoothly.

What this Means

Many large businesses have adopted and adapted their methods to fit this type of planning. However, this may prove to be of best use for those still starting out. Because this encourages communication, establishing these lines early can make it easier for new employees to integrate into your system.

Boosting with Technology

Hoshin planning software is readily available in the market. If at any point, you find that you need an extra hand, these types of software may prove to be of great value, says an expert from Using this can help you continuously filter down and remind yourself to filter down the core goals of the business.

Purpose is a strong driving force in most individuals. By allowing each one to see how everything ties together and helping them understand their purpose within the entire structure, you’ll find your entire system working seamlessly.