Four Safety Tips When Working at Height

men working in a liftMany of the work accidents that cause serious injuries and fatalities result from falls while working at height. Most of these falls can are preventable by taking simple precautionary measures. If you are in charge of a project where your crew will work at height, these efforts will keep everyone safe.

Have the Appropriate Safety Equipment

Part of your preparation for any project should involve acquiring the right safety equipment. Now you know you will have people working at height, take the time to find a cherry picker for hire, ladders, safety lines, harnesses and nets. This is also the time to get the appropriate gear for the project such as helmets, eyewear and so on.

Take Risks Seriously

People do not have to be working on very tall buildings to safeguard themselves. Most falls happen when people are working closer to the ground. That’s because workers feel safer when a few meters above the ground and underestimate the risks.

Any height above two meters is risky, so take steps to safeguard anyone working at this height and above.

Find Out and Follow Safety Regulations

All regions have rules and regulations about working at heights. These rules ensure the safety of everyone in and around the project. It is a project manager’s responsibility to enforce these requirements for everyone’s safety. It is also for the project’s sake.

Find out what standards are in place and follow them.

Equipment Education

People with experience in working at heights know how to use safety equipment. Still, it is important to educate them about safety measures before commencing the project. Instruct anyone who may not know how to use safety equipment properly.

There are risks involved in working at heights, but that should not stop you from initiating a project. All you need to do is implement safety and protection measures so you mitigate chances of accidents.