Getting Site Search Right: What Your Search Data Should Have

SEOThe whole idea of SEO revolves around the terms users type on the search bar. But, Google’s search bar is not the only important one. You also have to factor in what people type in your website’s search bar. This is because of the amount of data you can gather by analysing what is type whenever someone pays your site a visit.

This begs the question: what should you check out with internal search data? Here’s a quick guide on that, according to SEO consultants in Sydney, Mash Media:

Top Search Terms

What do people normally type? The top terms here are important in making sure your site is easy-to-use and relevant to the visitor’s experience. Most especially in e-commerce sites, knowing the top terms allows you to improve merchandising relevance. You become more aware of the parts of your website that are popular among your audience.

Search Timings

Do you know when your customers use the search bar? Knowing about the timings provides you an edge over your competitors. This allows you to spot trends and patterns useful in placing your ads. In an e-commerce setting, this allows you to gauge when you should start tailoring your campaigns for the holidays or other special occasions.

Click Depth

It is important to know how far visitors go in the search results. This helps in making sure your internal site search function is consistent in delivering relevant results. If your visitors reach the third page before they see what they want, you have a problem.

Keyword Value

The most prominent keywords used in your search bar could easily translate to improvements in your PPC strategy. Knowing which particular keywords to target is invaluable in gaining more conversions from ads.

Usage Statistics

How many of your visitors use the search bar? The answer here says a lot about your website. For instance, sites wherein visitors almost always use the search bar may indicate a design problem with navigation. But if no one uses the search bar, it may mean that your visitors can’t find the search bar. Either way, you would want to harness the data you get here to improve the user experience.

Do not simply have a search bar. Use the data you get from it to improve your online presence.