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Give Customers Exactly What They Want with AdWords Ad Customisers

AdWords Management in PerthAs the name suggests, the ad customiser feature in AdWords allows you to provide specific information from a feed. Primarily, you benefit from this in two ways — you significantly improve your ad relevance and therefore your quality score and users get what they’re specifically looking for.

Ad Customisers Basics

Ad customisers are more than customising style or colours. If you’re only looking to do minor tweaks to your ad groups, better stick with inserting keywords dynamically. If you’re looking for a deeper and more useful level of customisation, however, look to ad customisers. In general, you can modify details like size, colour, prices, stock or inventory details, countdowns, and seasonal promos, events, or discounts.

Put simply, you’ll be totally controlling the process and the specific details you want. This provides you unparalleled flexibility to focus on and target what your audience is searching for. Similar to how AdWords revolutionised the entire PPC landscape, ad customisers can now likewise change how consumers shop online and interact with your ads.

They basically blur the fine line between viewing ads and actual online shopping. AdWords advertising specialists in Perth say that this means you can share all crucial and relevant information on a more updated basis. This enables you to stay on top of your game with psychological consumer triggers, such as inventory details and countdowns.

The All-Important Conversion Rate and Ad Customisers

By using ad customisers, your ‘plain’ text ads will have an edge against top-performing shopping results. Likewise, they will look considerably more inviting to users since they’re not simple text ads that go unnoticed and contribute to ‘banner blindness’. They could bait consumer rights at that vital decision-making moment, considering that you give them incentives that will be hard to pass up.

That said, you’ll want to first split test your customised ads to find out which incentives appeal to your target market for the specific service or product you want to promote. Additionally, make sure that once customers click on one of your ads, they should land on the page that exactly matches the description in your ad. This is so they will instantly trust your business — that’s essential to optimising your conversion rate.