The Indicators

Glass Windows for Insulation

Dining area with glass windowsWhether or not temperature reaches the extremes in your place, you might want to call an expert who can offer window glazing services in Auckland to help improve light and heat control in your home.

Some of Auckland Glass Ltd‘s suggestions can help you decide whether glazing your windows can prepare you for the summer and winter seasons. These are practical ideas that will surely come in handy for better indoor heating and cooling.


You can use Latex for insulating your windows. Latex glazing is affordable and convenient. Using glazing helps to seal your home. Latex caulking can prevent air leaks in your home and stop the growth of mould and mildew spores.

There are other forms of caulking, such as silicone, or putty. Many glass installation experts say that latex can be the most cost-effective of these.

Double Glazing

Double glazing your windows offers double the efficiency when it comes to sealing your windows and keeping the temperature at the desired level. Instead of using a single pane, a double pane has an extra space that serves as a buffer or insulation.

Why Glass Windows?

Glass windows are energy efficient. They allow heat and light to enter our homes, but at the same time, we can control the amount of light that can enter our home with simple window dressing.

For many commercial establishments, glass is a natural choice. It gives commercial establishments the openness they need, and the ability to display their wares safely.

These glass windows could also be well-insulated and control your establishment’s heat and air flow.

These are only a few of the many ways a glass window can help control your home’s insulation and air flow. Always call glass experts in Auckland for any glass repair and window glazing service.