Going Green in Your Next Party in 5 Ways

Outdoor tentWhether you’re a novice or an expert party planner, there are many ways to make your next event eco-friendly. It’s good to know that this doesn’t involve lots of research, effort, and expensive choices. All you have to do is make the most of technology and other resources, which you can make you go green effortlessly in your next event.

  • Rent supplies. You can eliminate waste and save more money by renting everything you need. This includes linens, flatware, glassware, tables, and chairs. Linen rental companies in Minneapolis, MN noted that this works best if you are hosting a big party, but it’s also an economical choice for events of any size.
  • Go digital. If you want to show guests that you care for the environment, it’s a good idea to consider digital invitations. Apart from being practical, they’re also customizable depending on the event you are planning or hosting. There are also resources that make managing and RSVP tracking easier.
  • Consider reusable favors. When thinking of wedding favors to give guests, it’s best to pick items that have a purpose. Reusable favors like spices, herbs, and jars of honey or jelly are great choices. Here are a few other wedding favors that guests will use or keep.
  • Go local. Going green in the menu could mean using organic and locally sourced ingredients. This could also mean looking for caterers that source locally or use organic products. Thinking quality over quantity is also better to satisfy the guests and avoid too many leftovers.
  • Choose a local venue. If possible, choose a local venue (central to most guests) instead of a destination one. This is one great way to decrease everyone’s carbon footprint. This can also lower travel and hotel expenses.

Whether you’re planning the event for you or for someone else, these eco-friendly ideas can show that you care about the environment. You might also want to consider decorating with nature and encouraging the guests to practice the green movement through recycling.

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