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Group Homes: How Do You Start One?

Residential areaGroup homes are like any other standard or single-family homes found in a residential area. You would hardly see the difference from any other homes in your neighborhood, except for features like wheelchair ramps for the elderly or people with disabilities.

Many group homes are transitory in nature, especially the ones for children or minors. Children may be placed in a group home until they find a foster family for them or they return to their families.

Group homes for the elderly and disabled, on the other hand, are intended to give long-term care, but that doesn’t mean the residents cannot move on to a more independent living situation when they are already able to care for themselves.

What does it take to start a group home?

Deciding on a location should be the first on your list, but you also need to assess the need for a group home in that area and what type it will likely need. You can contact local hospitals, probation offices, social service organizations, and government agencies if there is still a need for one in their jurisdiction.

When you have finally decided on the where and what, you now need to get financing. You can ask local agencies that administer group homes if there are available grants for a group home or loans that have low-interest rates. Furthermore, as with any small business, you also need to prepare a business plan.

Types of group homes

There are many kinds of group home like homes for the elderly, disabled, children, and low-income families. There are also houses dedicated to housing and helping those recovering from any addiction, as well as those who just got out of prison.

Different types of home cater to diverse groups of people, but all homes have the same goal, which is to help their residents from just providing them with a roof over their heads to preparing them for their future life.

Starting a group home will hardly make you rich. Even though they list it as a nonprofit organization, you will still need to pay for various expenses. It requires a lot of dedication, effort, hard work, and a willingness to help others for it to succeed.