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Here’s How to Stay Safe During the Storm Season

Flooded HouseStorms are unavoidable and nowadays, seem to grow stronger and stronger with each coming. Fortunately, some things can be done to help you increase safety during this time.

Trim the trees

Obtain services for tree removal in Tauranga or at the very least, have the branches cut down that could fall down and cause damage to your property. This refers particularly to large branches that hang right over your roof and could break off during a particularly heavy storm.

Have an emergency kit

You’ll need a total of three emergency kits in case of heavy storms. The first one is a first aid kit, which should contain all the necessities including antibiotics, bandages and your maintenance medication. Second is your safety kit, which includes radios, extra batteries or power banks, clothes, and communication equipment. Third would be your food kit, which includes provisions that will last you several days plus water.

Secure the home

Pay particular attention to windows, gutter, electricity and various other aspects that may be damaged by the storm. Replace any outdated fuse or have the wiring fixed prior to an alert just to make sure you don’t lose power due to the wind and rain. Windows must be boarded so that they don’t shatter. Note that securing the exterior of your home is also important. Specifically, any furniture on the patio should be brought inside and fences reinforced.

Check your policy

Lastly, don’t forget to reread your insurance policy to find out what kind of preparation you should do so as not to invalidate the policy. Some companies require a degree of diligence on the part of the owner before reimbursement.

Of course, these are just some of the things to focus on when there’s a storm signal in your place. Keep in mind that every family member should be briefed on what to do during emergencies.