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Hook Trade Show Visitors in Five Seconds

Trade Show VisitorsThe trade show is packed and everyone has been roaming around. There are great exhibitors everywhere and rational visitors who know how to choose ideal companies on a trade show. How will you persuade them to stay at your booth? How can you stand out from other exhibitors? Well, you can hook trade show visitors’ attention and beat your competitors in five seconds. Here’s how.

  • Mix pop up displays and banner stands

You can never go wrong if you combine your company’s pop-up trade show booth with banner stands that come in different types. When you hit two birds with one stone, you will be able to market all your products and services. If you displayed banners around your booth, people have more spaces and chances to know your company.

  • State-of-the-art graphic design

All brands have their own graphic designs. For you to stand out from them, bring your graphics at the highest level. Emphasize your brand and your main goals on your main display. Incorporate bright colors for a more vibrant effect. Even from afar, your striking and updated graphics can hook people passing by.

  • Add a touch of lighting effects

LED lights turn any events livelier. Since LED lights come in different colors, you can choose colors that match your logo. People are easily attracted to visual effects and lights are undoubtedly enticing.

  • Involve the visitors

Promotional products, freebies, games, and other fun activities never bore visitors. Involving them in your brand explains the main purpose of a trade show. In the end, they will help you spread your products and services fast because you made them feel welcome.

  • Keep your assets’ passion ‘til the last minute

Trade shows can be draining because of the high demands from the attendees. But your staffs have to stay calm and entertaining until the last minute. To maintain their passion, you have to keep your booth organized and convenient for them. Provide all their needs including papers, pens, food, water, brochures, and more. Don’t forget that your staffs handling the booth are your assets and the face of your company.

First impressions last. You only have five seconds to either make it or break it. But if you have a unique and outstanding booth, you will surely win the visitors’ heart and beat other companies on the trade show.